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Welcome To HeavenSent Medical Services

You Will Feel Better After Just One Visit


Where Medical Massage, Medical Care and 

Emotional Freedom Therapy Are

 Covered by Insurance

We hope you enjoy learning more about us, our: Medical Massage for Pain Relief and Spa Massage for your feel well needs, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Meditation and more. At the core of all we do is our belief that our health is a reflection of our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional states of being.

Lynn Parker our founder and provider is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner who has been providing mental physical, spiritual and emotional care to her patients since 1994 and operating HeavenSent Medical since 2011. Nurse Parker knows how much stress, family problems and the emotional scars we all carry effect our physical beings and is prepared to help you all of these areas.

Physically we provide top notch body therapies including massage, medical massage, reflexology, aromatherapy oils treatments along with nutritional and supplement counseling that has been proven to improve health and reduce pain scores.

For your emotional care we offer Emotional Freedom Therapy also known as Tapping, Counseling, Aromatherapy and energy healing (Reiki, Meditation and Vibrational Medicine) services. For patients who would like additional insight into their painful conditions Nurse Parker is able to help patients understand the emotional and stress related issues that bring about illness and is able to give patients strategies to overcome the internal struggles that bring about physical illness.

Click on the links below to find a brief description of our offerings, when you're done we hope you will give us a call and schedule your appointment today. We Hope to See You Soon and Look Forward to Your Healing!  

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