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Medical Massage and Medical Care

Covered by Insurance

Natural Medicine Options

At HeavenSent we use a combination of vitamins supplements herbs and Body Therapies to treat common conditions in a holistic and natural manner. We are able to help you to decide between your options and to make the best choices for you in the areas of natural medicine for common conditions like diabetes, hypertension, anxiety and depression. We invite you to come in and discuss your particular issues and options with our provider. We also have our own line of natural therapy products that we invite you to try and receive the benefits of using.   

A Healthcare Advocate

Is a person who acts on behalf of another to promote their health and well being. Advocates are needed because healthcare is complicated and often patients have no idea what choices to make, what their best options are or to simply understand what the doctors are talking about.

I have been a professional advocate for well over 30 years, helping patients and families to understanding their medications, treatment options, test results and more. I've been so dedicated to patient advocacy that I wrote "What Did the Doctor Just Say" to help guide patients to safety by teaching them how to ask questions and get the answers they need before making healthcare decisions. I look forward to helping you answer your questions and helping you create a treatment plan that's right for you, a plan that will begin and end with you receiving the best care possible.    

Counseling and Treatment

To some extent anxiety and depression are unavoidable parts of life, however they interfere with the quality of your life leaving you, weak, tired, isolated and without the energy or drive to live your life to it's highest and it's best. You Are Not Alone! Depression and anxiety are the number three causes of disability worldwide!!! Confirming the fact that we live in a very tense and stressful world. I am well-versed in the issues of sadness depression loneliness and isolation, in fact I've suffered these conditions myself and now live a vibrant thriving life. I'd love to help you overcome your issues as well. Depression and anxiety are physical, emotional and spiritual issues. I understand that and can help you see things differently. Don't suffer alone, come see me and lets get you on the road to feeling better as soon as possible.

The Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Teaches

In this course you will be taught how to use mind-body techniques to reduce the issues associated with surgery. Issues like anxiety pain and the depression associated with surgical recovery. Documented by research, the Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Course it is recommended by Brigham and Women's Hospital and NYU Langone Medical Center in New York.

At Heavensent we enjoy guiding our patients through the prepare for Surgery Course and we have been delighted by how well our patients have done in comparison to others having the same surgery and watching seeing the joy it brings them to exceed their own doctors expectations.

If you are preparing for surgery and would like to take the course please click here to watch a video, give us call and lets get started. It's best to come in at least 2 weeks before surgery although even one day before surgery can be a help to you and help you to have a better outcome. 

Treatment of Surgical Scars

Surgical Scars can often be very problematic they can cause sensations of pulling, tightness, stiffness, nerve pain (neuropathy), numbness, decreased range of motion and much more

Through myofascial release, heat, aromatherapy and movement techniques we are able to lessen the effects of surgical scars and lessen their affects. If you've had a surgery and feel the scars are effecting your life, give us a call and lets get started getting you feeling better, today!!!

Annual Wellness Exam

Medicare covers a yearly appointment to discuss your plan of preventive care in the coming year. This appointment is called the Annual Wellness Visit. Offered by Medicare without an associated co-pay. In the visit we go over the tests and screenings you are due for and we create a wellness plan for the coming year. We'll get you caught up on blood pressure screening, weight management, mammograms, colonoscopy and more!! And remember it's FREE! to Medicare Patients

The Living Will

Is a document completed by you that states the type of care that you would want medically if you were unable to speak for yourself and had an irreversible medical condition.

While this topic may seem scary and frightening it's also an act of love to complete a Living Will. Can you imagine how difficult it would be for your daughter or son to make life and death decisions for you without knowing what your wishes are. That's an awful position for someone who loves you to be in. so you see preparing a living will is an act of love and kindness for those who will help you through a very difficult time. and it's an act of self love. A Living Will helps to prevent unnecessary and unwanted treatments. Treatments that could leave you bankrupt without any better outcomes than had they not been done. I have worked in end of life care for nearly 20 years and I can help you through the process. It doesn't have to be scary and it will be one more thing off the to do list. Come in and lets get it done and then it will be done!!! This service is Free to Medicare Patients

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